Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Botanical

A picnic getaway with my sister's student to the Botanical Garden was a sweet escape from the chaotic Kathmandu city. The warm sun beating against the winter cold, splurging in juicy oranges, homemade tiffin boxes, kids jamming in their favorite songs, this reminded me so much of my school days when we were set to picnics to places as this with our class mates. Those were the days!!!

Also, this day, we took our little kids from EMERGE along. What a lively lovely day it was =) 

What I am wearing :

Pants : Bossini
Accessories : Masala Beads
Sunnies : Rayban

 This much for today, 
Until then

Much love

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  1. Godawari botanical garden is definitely a serene place to be, love your accessories. :)


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