Wednesday, November 23, 2016

That B L A C K

And one of those when you can't think of even the simplest titles for your blogpost, well... this is the day!! And while I write this, the left cerellebum in my brain wanders searching for words to fit this post.

So, How are you all my lovely readers? I have been alright. I always try not to be so personal when I write my post but this just happens. I begin to rant more about myself than that should be more relative. 

Anyhoo, this outfit is from the evening with Bipul Chhetri. Some soothing music, decent crowd, sneaking whiskey, undeniably long lost hugs, that was it. 

[ And most importantly, I have changed my blog url to] 
And  a picture infront of Boudhanath Stupa 

What I am wearing :

Dress : Uniqlo
Cover Coat : H & M
Shoe : Dr Martens Adrian Tassle
Sling Side : Givenchy (Envy Store)
Accesories : Masala Beads, Thamel

Till then
Mucho love

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  1. Love, love, love! (Also those socks are adorable! And I wish my hair did that.)


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