Thursday, December 14, 2017


We all have got so less time to be young, to be fun and to be reckless.
I wish, I wish that we all not stick to routines and put it as life.
I wish, I wish that we lose track of time in finding the little boy's smile
I wish, I wish that we reach for our long lost friends
and draw our conversation in that never ending cup of tea,

I wish, I wish you put a pause to your run,
to the race that you are in with bodies that has no soul
I wish, I wish you tilt your head to the right,
so that you don't miss the braid-haired girl smile at you.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Guns & roses & whiskey ?

A cheeky smile after a long pause. This sunglass is actually pink whereas its like 200% orange in the picture, like how? anyways, while you stroll the pictures, can you be, like always, too creative and imagine a pink sunglass?  THANKYOU *smiles*

It is getting pretty chilly lately. I have been wearing tons of culottes in colors so earthy, topped it off with any casual band tee or whatever. 
The outfit below is everything I am talking about.

Having said that,  is  the weather today asking for some good ol' whiskey?

What I am wearing: 

Shoes : Salt & Pepper
Pants : Thamel
Band Tee : H & M 
Denim Jacket : Lane 88
Sunnies : Forever21
Accessories : Masala Beads

Much love

Also this was the day I filmed a mukbang with my fellow gorgeous blogger Khusbu Gauchan. go check out and share the video guys :)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No. No Irish.

I do not know what's in IRISH ? I do not know what I meant when I said IRISH ? The bar or the coffee ? or the shirt hanging on the corner window?

I reluctantly walk towards that rugged door, friends, at my back following my steps in the same pace. One wanted a chilled beer to forget the crucial week passed while the other lost track of the date. "Is it friday? Oh wait, weekend already? SHRIEKS....... the other friend."

and I lie down in  a bar staring straight at the ceiling trying to listen to what was playing on the speaker but my mind wanders off. My friends ranting. A blonde by my side in her pitchy voice singing, oh how I wish she'd rather not. Bunch of fellas growling over the game. I do not like it here.
I'd rather not be here. Why am I here?

What I am wearing

Blazer : H&M
Denim : Zara
Sandal : Lane 88
On wrist : Casio