Thursday, September 14, 2017

No. No Irish.

I do not know what's in IRISH ? I do not know what I meant when I said IRISH ? The bar or the coffee ? or the shirt hanging on the corner window?

I reluctantly walk towards that rugged door, friends, at my back following my steps in the same pace. One wanted a chilled beer to forget the crucial week passed while the other lost track of the date. "Is it friday? Oh wait, weekend already? SHRIEKS....... the other friend."

and I lie down in  a bar staring straight at the ceiling trying to listen to what was playing on the speaker but my mind wanders off. My friends ranting. A blonde by my side in her pitchy voice singing, oh how I wish she'd rather not. Bunch of fellas growling over the game. I do not like it here.
I'd rather not be here. Why am I here?

What I am wearing

Blazer : H&M
Denim : Zara
Sandal : Lane 88
On wrist : Casio

Thursday, August 10, 2017

All in Once

Grey Top: Ginger // Pants: Bossini // Flats : Lane 88 // sunnies : Asos 
Top : Vintage // Shoes : DrMarten // Bag : Celine Inspired
Tote : Shop Emerge // Slingbag : Paul Costellob // Shoes : Vans // Denim : Zara // Sweater : Divided
Shoes : Converse Classic // Dress : Uniqlo // Sweats : Adidas Men // tote : Shop Emerge
Denim : Vintage thrifted //  Tights : Divided // Shoes : Converse Classic 
Dress : Uniqlo // Trench : Zara // Shoes: Converse Classic // Sling bag : Tory Burch (Envy) 
BrimHat : Forever21 // Shirt : Vintage // Shoes : DrMarten // Sling bag : Givenchy (Envy) // Accesories : Casio X Masalabeads

Dear all,

Kathmandu has been very dusty lately. Traffic Jams, punctured roads, bulldozers in the middle of nowhere causing havoc amidst the commuters, I have come to a point where I am starting to dislike Kathmandu, My kathmandu.
But then again, why kathmandu? If thought wisely, kathmandu is merely an outcome of the joint mess created by the People living in the city and mostly, the senseless leaders who instead of taking the country forward  are all looking for ways to sneak in some dollars through the tax these victim  citizens and through international funded projects. What a pity. And guess who suffers? Us. Kathmandu. We suffer. The daily commuters who rely on the 9-5 hr job to earn bread for the family suffers. 

A heart wrenching truth about this country. Also you must not miss knowing that an innocent little girl of 10 died after falling into a pothole in the city. Who is to blame? 
We all know but what are we doing about this? 

When I was uploading the pictures above, I was in no hoping to rant about what I just did. I wanted to post a jumble of funny words but it took a different turn in my blog. 
Anyhoo, I hope you all are good, especially my kathmanduites. Do drive safe, you falling into the potholes is the last thing I would want to hear in my newsfeed.

Much love,

P.S - Also, I apologize for my picture quality. My camera is ruined and I am managing the pictures through my smartphone. <3

Friday, January 20, 2017

Feeling B/W

This Black and White post wasn’t a planned one I am telling you. Like majority of what I do is the outcome of my randomness. 

So what happened is, I took out my camera, turned it on and realized that the setting was in monochrome mode.  I just took like some seconds to grasp that my blog-post this time let not be colorful. Maybe those who are colorful will see the colors in the monochrome world and visualize on their own?

And hence, this neutral *but not sad* post for you all.  This photo session occurred on Saturday. I started my weekend with a lazy hazy yummy breakfast under the smeexyy sunshine. What made this whole “Breakfast with Dongaala” session better are the people I shared the moment with. You know, I have a very small circle of good friends and these few people are my kind of people. 

Anyways, this blogpost is if anyway you want to see what un-expectation looks like *winks*

What I am wearing :

Denim : Zara
Jacket : Zara
Bohemian Tee : Thrifted
Shoes : Vans old School

Until next time
Much love

And just a picture of me smiling *my gift to you all*