Friday, January 20, 2017

Feeling B/W

This Black and White post wasn’t a planned one I am telling you. Like majority of what I do is the outcome of my randomness. 

So what happened is, I took out my camera, turned it on and realized that the setting was in monochrome mode.  I just took like some seconds to grasp that my blog-post this time let not be colorful. Maybe those who are colorful will see the colors in the monochrome world and visualize on their own?

And hence, this neutral *but not sad* post for you all.  This photo session occurred on Saturday. I started my weekend with a lazy hazy yummy breakfast under the smeexyy sunshine. What made this whole “Breakfast with Dongaala” session better are the people I shared the moment with. You know, I have a very small circle of good friends and these few people are my kind of people. 

Anyways, this blogpost is if anyway you want to see what un-expectation looks like *winks*

What I am wearing :

Denim : Zara
Jacket : Zara
Bohemian Tee : Thrifted
Shoes : Vans old School

Until next time
Much love

And just a picture of me smiling *my gift to you all* 


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