Monday, December 22, 2014

Meet and Greet

Well, this is a very late post. Infact, it has been in my draftbox for around a month now. I procrastinate, BIG time.
So basically, this post is a flashback to the first ever Meet & Greet among the Nepali Fashion Bloggers held at Mezze Roadhouse, Durbarmarg.
It all started when the London-based-Nepali-Fashion-Blogger-and-Designer Sunuk caught up with Khusbu from StyleScrap and the next thing they come up with is the this. Yes; the Meet & Greet.
The call was very instant and this left some other fine fashion bloggers not attended because of their busy schedule, ofcourse. So, we were around 10 in the end chirping about ourselves and mostly about blogging. It was very fun for there were few faces that I met for the first time and the funnier part is when you not call the second person with their name but instead with their blog name.
Few photoshoots for mostly blogpost and the videoblogs, an article featuring us in Republica Newspaper, the whole catch up was incredible.

I have sneaked few pictures from the day ; Hope you all enjoy =) 

With Sewa, Reporter from Republica

What I wore: Boyfriend Blazer - Grazia || Jeans - Bossini || Top - Lakeside, Pokhara || Shoes- Nike || Accessories - Forever21/Posh 

            From Left - Right
                Suricchha from Thatstheshygirl  / thatstheshygirlII 
                Sanna is my fellow mate from Nepal Fashion Bloggers // NFB and the proprietor of ModishlyRad
                   Sunuk from SunuSunuk // SunuSunuk II
Shweta Gurung from StyleVision 
Khusbu Gauchan from Stylescrap
Tashi Cheten Lama from Fashaul 
Nyteka Thapa
Pravnah Adhikari from  Style-mash
Shreya Rai from Colourme-pastel

You can also have a look at the Vlog made by Sanna Here. Sunuk's Vlog Here 

Till then:

Much love


  1. Awww I missed it
    Will attend next meet and greet for sure
    Dying to meet ya all
    And loved ur pink coat

    1. No worries my love! But feel proud that we invited ya'.x

  2. Great looks!

  3. It´s great!! kisses my love

  4. Love the way you carry the tika. fab.

  5. Merry Christmas sweetheart <3


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