Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No matter the wreckage!

Well! Well! Well! I have a very fine explanation to my disappointed face up there. 
To begin with;

My excitement knew no bound when I saw this facebook event featuring Sarah Kay in K-Town. I got my pre-booked tickets happily and waited for the day to arrive, listen to her speak, the way she plays with words and her vibrant energy that blows away everyone around. I know all these because I have been to her previous Poem night 2 years back in Jatra, Thamel. She was amaziingggg and that is why I was so much excited for the "No matter the Wreckage with Sarah Kay" event.

The day arrived and ...... Hell. I do not even want to go on babbling each detail of what happened. So I'll make it short here. Sarah Kay began her on-stage with the same hello and ended with the same note. Amusing right? I know. More than that, it was boring, dead disappointing. 
She did come up with new book for sale but but but she didn't present any new poems. Except for the part I loved when she dedicated a poem for Ujjwala Maharjan. Thats it. 
Sarah Kay approached with same poems, slammed same punchlines, same expressions, everything same, even the in-between pauses and humor. Darn! I do not even know what to call that. One of my friend who's such a Sarah-kay-Fan was almost yawning lol *I don't blame you girl :- D
But I am sure that everyone who was listening to her for the first time loved her. We can't forget her charm eh! 

So basically, this happened and yea this happened *Numb mode :p

and yea, my sister bought her book which I might read and maybe UN-wreck the wrecked experience. 

Other than that, the fellow artist from Word Warrior Ujjwala Maharjan totally blew the stage. If you are reading this, you are aamazing and keep blowing us away with your poems.

And sometimes you have to bear my love for shabby/ wornout converse and my untroubled outfit! 

Until then,
Much Love


  1. That bus looks so cool!


  2. What an awesome place!

    I am following you on gfc, would you like to follow me back so we can stay in touch?


  3. Beautiful post, dear!!!!!! Awesome photos!!!

    Happy new year to you and your family!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    Keep in touch!!

    Marianna Papagiannopoulou BLOG

  4. <3333 such cool look!

  5. Wow, a van full with the books! Awesome :))

  6. This outfit is just perfect! (Definitely 'untroubled'.)

    And this looks like my idea of heaven - a van full of books?!

    Daniella x

  7. such a cool van! and that hat just completes the look ;)


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