Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lost and never found

Dress- GingerSandals- FrancoSarto/ Jacket- Thrifted/ Accesories- Masala Beads

You can hardly see me all dressed up feminine. I do not fancy intentional and delicate look but a whole lot different to it. Maybe that is why, I always get up in a way that I give my wardrobe a whole different look from what it appears to be.
This particular dress I got from a store called "GINGER" is a simple classy LBD any girl would want in her wardrobe. I reckon this could be somebody's cocktail dinner outfit, or a evening meet up but look at me, I have jumbled it my way, the gypsy way.


                                                                       Mucho Love
                                                                       <3 Dolkar
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