Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nepal Fashion Blogger

Finally, a picture together after years!!

Sanna and her brim hat! ;) 

Iced coffee shake, Iced tea, popcorn chilly, gossips, style-checks, accessories, peace and what not ? ;) 

Look who's home? Our very own fellow NFB founder Sanna is back from the States and trust me, she  is here for good.
We were just so engrossed with our gossips, chitchats, and what-to-do-now talks that we totally forgot to click our picture together but nevertheless, we have a decent one here!

Okay, on a very important note, is the access url to NFB's blog now. There was some problem with our previous url and it is not in use anymore. And this shall be NFB's own blog now where we ( the founders) will post our day-to-day outfit post, ramble and anything that is relatively fashion and interesting.. so, keep in touch with us here....

And of course, there are so many other things that we are planning for NFB and for you all. We know, we have been so dead for the past year and we do apologize for not updating you all. But as told earlier, we are back on track...
and as for you all, keep on sharing your blog url / link on our page or just inbox us so that we could post it on our page and let our readers have your attention.

Alright, this much for now. Shall catch you all soon.

Mucho love
<3 NFB <3

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