Tuesday, June 25, 2013

looks like morning in your eyes!

My heart pounds swiftly as I make my way through the door. Tone Music Store is a piece of heaven in kathmandu, I am telling you.
Having heard about it from my musician friends, I HAD to go to this place and what better reason could be as it was high time that I take my guitar for servicing.
Once I was there, I only wanted to be there, or say, have my crazy friends tag along and do a mini inhouse gig singing our favourite songs of tracy chapman, john mayer, jimi hendrix, The doors, and what not??

About the store, it is located in Tangal, old bhatbhateni. The exact place is silence street.. If you need any queries regarding your musical instrument or you thinking to purchase one, here is your satisfaction.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I joined Nepal Music School for my guitar classes... isn't it wonderful? or is it just me who feels so? anyways, ta-daaa ..

Till then
Much love


  1. Ah,it's a piece of heaven right there.Love the butterflies and don't even get me started with the guitars.You look lovely,good luck with your classes. Following you,follow back?

  2. ah-may-zing!! And good luck for ahead :)

  3. such a great place with loads of awesome guitars <3<3

    Letters To Juliet

  4. hey dolkaaa...u joined guitar classes?? thats wonderful yar!! best of luck may the spirit of all the legends come into u while playing the strings!! n hey yes tone music store is one hell of a kind in Ktm

  5. bergabung di kelas gitar...luarbiasa, saya membayangkan gitar yang dimainkan dengan nada lembut dan berubah menjadi nada - nada liar membius dunia dengan musik yang hadir dari sebuah gitar :-)

  6. waa, congrats for you Nepal Music School ya ! That store is so awesome!
    great photo anyway ! <3 Success ya! Hope you can be awesome guitarist :D



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