Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Transforming Tripping experience!


on our way to Lo-manthang, Upper Mustang

Motherhood- Sauraha, Chitwan

Namashung, Upper Mustang

Namashung, Upper Mustang

Jhong Cave, Namashung

LigLigKot, Gorkha

Radhey, Myself and Coffee! :)

                                                                          One word - Amazing!!

We were all together 20 students from different colleges in Kathmandu geared up to serve the nation through our share of service, all set to travel from the hotness of Terai to the rugged hills and to the snow-capped mountains. "Chitwan,Gorkha,Bandipur,Beni,Jomsom,Upper Mustang"

Though the trip in itself was an excitement filled with learning, living and serving, the most exciting part of the trip for me was Upper Mustang. Last year, I trekked to this heavenly place called "manang" and then I promised myself to never stop exploring places... Life is too short to keep it boring, isn't?

Anyhoooo, I had incredible memories, found few crazzy, kind, wonderful souls with whom I  had the best of times.... Learned a lot about my country, about its culture, norms, values and most importantly, I learnt about people, about humanity..

As of now, I am back to home, back to my normal life but hei, I guess I didn't tell you this. There's this really cool place I found I would love to trek to.. Its called "Panch Pokhari, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal". If you haven't heard of it, maybe you could google, it might just top your fantasy list! :)

Till then
much love


  1. :)... It just brought a bog Smile on my face.
    Good Job!

  2. Such beautiful photographs, I wish I had the guts and money to just quit university and interning and go explore the world. You're so lucky! Kristina xx

  3. This pictures are amazing!!! Great experience you have there!!!

    I follow your blog can we follow each other?

  4. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

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  5. This is BEAUTIFUL! Awesome pictures. It looks like stills from the movie 127 hours,breath taking <3
    following you,please do follow my new blog.

  6. That looks like a wonderful trip! The pictures are amazing!

    If you want you can participate in a giveaway on my blog! :)

  7. great post! :)

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  8. wow wow wow these photos are absolutely amazing :D

  9. It's amazing! This post is so nice, the pictures are so artistic, so amazing! Well done! And yes, how nice it is to re-discover things about a country, traditions and values - and I agree with you, much more about people, for sure! I am sure you had a great time! I think it was an unforgettable journey!

  10. gorgeous photos! i especially love the elephant pics ^.^

  11. Every single picture of yours are so awesome and wow'
    i really like it :)

  12. all of the photos look amazing!!!

    i have just followed your blog
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    style frontier

  13. Awesome photographs!
    I should be travelling to Chitwan for sure.
    I googled 'Panch Pokhari, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal', one word - breathtaking!
    Can't wait to travel and explore Nepal and many countries in the future.

    Thanks for sharing! x

  14. Kasto ramro thau! Lovely pictures you guys are doing an amazing job so good to hear. I love Dillon too her voice is something else.

  15. how great and ah-may-zinnggg this photographs are :) WOW!!

  16. Hey, these are great photos! Thank you for sharing your world. It is always nice to see photos of other places. When I was in high school, I have always been curious about Nepal. It was, and still is, in my list of countries to visit. And in fact, I am also dreaming of having postcards from your beautiful country. Someday soon, I hope I can visit Nepal.


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