Friday, August 31, 2012

I smiled after a while

Woke up late and you can see that in my eyes! *swollen*

Top: Fashionista Black/White Dress : HAA (House of alternative apparel) Shawl: Thamel

Like I have mentioned, my 6th semester has already begun and I am trying my best not to miss a class..  I had to catch up with a friend right after my classes, so I dressed in a way that would be okay for my college and for outing as well.
And we had a helluva good time. We started off with patan, had the famous "HONACHA's" bara, stayed by the window pane of patan museum for like couple of hours talking and just talking, a hearty lunch in 0r2k, thamel, then headed towards basantpur, had the famous local tea and I instantly fell in love with a 12 years old young boy who sells tea there. :-p he is such a cuteheart I must tell. So yes, I had a very good time that day.
and hei, a very amusing thing is happening too and I will write to you about that very soon.  ;)

By the way, Its a big day today. One of my photograph is being auctioned in Photo exhibition. Hoping someone rich would buy my photograph and make me rich too :-D
Wish me luck people!
Will write more about it on my next post.

Till then
much love


  1. Aww. That's really great! Wishing you all the luck!! =)

  2. You look stunning as usual.Love the skirt and the tee :)

  3. Love your style. Good job :)

    -follow each ?

  4. i luv how ur hair goes wurly wurly .. weee hehe.. waiting for the next post frm trendsetters !!

  5. Pretty photos! And your hair is amazing!


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