Friday, August 24, 2012


Dine together

My all time favourite- GreekSalad! 

After such a long time, we are dining together. I meant my friends, my 2nd family. We all get busy in our own life but we never fail to get-together and babble about how our days has been.

and hei, my 6th semester has already begun and with the seminars, presentations and internship piling up, I can now feel like I am graduating soon (: and it just feels so good aiiieee...

A little thought :

So, I took a little time out to think for myself today. Every now and then, I have been showering with the secrets, wishes, desires, thoughts and views of my friends in regard to their own self, I listened, and I have been listening to what they have to say, what they have to offer. But they had nothing for me. They didn't have an ear to listen to what I had to say. They didn't have a sense that I have problems too, that I have  feelings and I get hurt as well.
And today, before I laid down to sleep, I was talking to a person who happened to be myself. That person seemed a bit confused and lot more sad. I asked how it all happened and why and tried to console her in the best way I can.  "I TRIED TO CALM HER DOWN" 
I didn't think it was the best idea to tell her about accepting the fact and moving on, or crushing her heart and just forget about whatever happened so, I was still trying to calm her down. 
I was all hers today, listening to her every word, every gesture and I could see in her eyes how good she felt that she finally has someone by her side, someone who's trying to understand what she really has to express. Moment after, she smiled. I could see, she felt good. Maybe I will talk to her more often until she finds someone who's worthy enough to be her reflection, who worthy enough to take her problems as their own.
And even before I left, I could see, I was still trying to calm her down. 

Till then
much love


  1. a lil though has a lot in it!!!trust me!!!!!!m i like invisible or m i too immature for ur mature problems :P

  2. I find alot of friends are willing to talk and talk but struggle to listen or even ask how you are, one day you will find a friend who does care and you'll probably be friends for life xxx

  3. Whatever you write you write it well,
    but this happened to be the worth reading and i loved it...
    psycho writing lol..

  4. That can be really frustrating when you feel like you're not getting the same emotional return that you give others. I hope you find a way to deal with it or that you'll find someone/people that you feel like you can completely rely on <3


  5. hhmmm... wasn't i there to listen to what you had to say morto? don't be too hard on yourself. take it easy....
    when am i getting the reply to my mail man?

  6. m always there....and will always be there for shoulders r there if u wanna lean on them, my laps are there if u wanna sleep and drm........i got TISSUES if u wanna cry and some icecream too.....i got lots of joke with HUMOR if u wanna laugh.........i got everything for don worry, m just standing back of yurs......knock me and will be there for u any time.....even in MIDNIGHT...seriously, wanna try?????
    Luv u much......and will always gonna luv u.....
    Mwahhhhhh morto..........Budi....

  7. great this post honey, i really love your look!


  8. I love the look, the colours suit you perfectly. Love how the scarf drapes on you.

    Have you read "The time of my life" by Cecelia Ahern? I recommend it to you, just as a little comment to the last thing you wrote.


  9. Cute style :) I love your hair!!

    xx Diana

  10. I loved the pictures of you & about the last thing you wrote, it was pretty gud, I'm kinda loving your writings. keep up the gud work and you gon' be fine by the way, it's the way life goes.take care.

  11. Cute outfit! =)

  12. great pictures! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!


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