Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am someone else's post! :=)

Tamding Wangmo Khangkar A.K.A The girl with the Pink pumps
writes :
Yesshhhh, I said a post every other day. But I am writing this one, just for the like of it ^^.

I have recently noticed how there is a growing trend of Tibetan bloggers these days, namely Bhoepa Bhumos (WooHoo!) And I think this is great news, given that we are a small community splattered allover the world, trying to build and unite ourselves, waiting for the present generation to prove something, ANYTHING! 

So it was great to know that there are alot of us out there, making our marks.

Some of the blogs you might be interested to go through are:
~ Former editor (oooh and ahhh)/ journalist and currently a manager in a lifestyle gallery, Tenzing takes us to the best of both world. From KTM's runways to NYCFashionWeek, she dishes on all we need to know. A treat indeed!
~My colleague at Navyaata, Dolkar, I swear has some sort of Gandhi gene in her. Randomly take homeless kids to ramilo mela, or to some momo pasal, and the kids ofcourse luurves her. Her pictures speaks about her passion for children, and acts as a voice for the voiceless. Respect.


Off topic alert!
Will end with this youtube video. The best Tibetan rap I have heard so far! Shapale.


Till then...

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