Friday, March 25, 2011

In the midst of the underdogs!

Pardon  me if the title of my post sounds rude (underdog) but very honestly speaking, the place where I went today was unimaginable. The food they consumed, the roof they lived under, the clothes they wore and the life they were living, it was the only and only name that came across my mind. I still beg your pardon if I still sound rude...but no more apologies.. If you don't like the concept and the idea of what I am going to post today, then no worries just back off! cos its my blog.. o_0
So, what was I saying? Yea' I along with my sister paved our way towards that shabby area. I have heard a lot about that place and we even named it  Dhobighat..
There are so many pictures I took, below is just a trailor...will post more!

Been crying all the time!

While other kids were asking us for sweets and pens, this kid was in his own world playing with the stones.

He insisted me to take his pictures but I like the outcome..

This one, trying to observe what's happening inside..


look at her eyes, she is pretty isn't? but she is very greedy.. couldnt satisfy her with the amounts of sweets and stuffs we gave. :S

You see this "something something"  Its the so called their "rest-room"..let's not elaborate more about it..

What do you witness?

Thats Tara in pink but I don't remember the other one.

Dhobighat.. this is it!

The topis.. seems like they like it! we like it too.. :)

The cute one..and the cap .. it fitted her right!

While returning back, We saw this bunch of kids playing around... asked them if they wanted some sketch pens, they this is another pic!

Till then...

P.S- more pictures coming up!!!!


  1. dang the fifth pic, lmao
    great pictures girl

  2. the fifth pic??
    I have a better pic than that.. remember the one I took at GARden of dreams!! ;)

  3. I love this post. Everytime I drive past the river I want to stop here and take pics... Something about that sounds wrong, doesn't it?

  4. lol, is there a thing called censorship in your blog?
    well, you can do the honors donga, it would be amusing to see them here.


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