Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Budo Bajeys!!

My friend Sumati (Pasaa) told me about this Jatra that's taking place in Patan.. Since' there were no plans set up for the day, I decided to go for it along with another friend "Dojay pola" yet again accompanied by another fren....
The crowd..OmG'  You should have seen that.. Dojay' You tried to secure me but I somehow got wounded in the middle of the heavy crowd...and my Pasaa too was the victim like me :P (did I just say Victim?? lame)
So' yea... It was fun..mad fun....seeing the crowd, people jamming up with the Music (traditional), the smell of the newari culture, Noises.... It was crazzzy......
and you know what? We caught up with two Old bajeys... who were one of a kind... no no! Two of a kind .. :P
* the first baje was seen with this Vintage Rayban... Neatly dressed... his sweater..everything he wore matched from his shoe to his top.. Voila... I couldn't stop myself from clicking him...


Yea' He's the one... neatly dressed... his Rayban not to miss!

HE caught me! :S

He knew our attention,..and instead of hesitating' He was infact POSING!! YEA' posing! :D

Look at him,. Cute one! LoL
 Then' just as soon as I finished the old Bajey..Another one showed up... Tadaaa...... but the one this time' is no cute like the previous one.. he ...he........was spotted smoking.............. that a weird way.. you check it out by yourself.. I have the picture down here... but He is interesting... and moreover...he NO hesitate when I was taking his picture,... LoL
A quick shot!

The above one and this one was candid!!

He saw me! Dang!

Grins! ;)
RAto Machhindra!! The picture is not so great typo..but work with it! :D

Just because he had DREAD HAIR~  ^_^

Till then...


  1. Just because of the dread hair? Or because he is cute with dread hair?

    LOVE the pics on the old men. Should have written this festival up for us. I didn't make it there.

  2. Amanda'
    I have wrote about it...
    on its way to ur inbox! and the pictures too...
    and about the guy'
    "just because he has dread hair" :P I like dreads! ^_^

  3. i love the black and white pictures.


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