Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Art-ibition!

My board exams running. My fren Sumati told me about this ART EXHIBITION that's going to be held in BaberMahal. Since its on 23rd june when I finish my "public relations" exam and then I have 3 days break for the coming exams..without hesitantly I said "ok" plus.. She's a company to be with! ;)
We met at Shantinagar gate after I finished my exam, got myself a cold mineral water from a nearby local shop and took the Nepal Yatayat bus that dropped us near BaberMahal.
You know my fren "Tenzing"? she works in a lifestyle outlet "Pipalbot" which is in BaberMahal so, its out of question not to see her... We sat around.. did some chitchat.. by the time, the program initiated...

You see this guy here?? He took my sight.. ^_^ cute one huh?? I knoe! no wonder I took his picture <sneakpeak> 

You know her..Sangeeta Thapa ...taking the initiative.

An Artist I suppose.... :P

umm.. curse my memory power..I dont remember her name... wat I do is..she is the Co-ordinator of the program.

her EXcellency! 
You will see more of his pictures..scroll down!

Offering scarfs to their respeective team members...

Look at this' awesome work isn't?


This is how it is when you get closer... i actually touched it! :P 
Musicians of the day! 

See I told you' I have his another picture here..

And this "cute" guy...OMG!

Eva and Tenzing!

see' this is art! :D <as if i know a lot about art>

isnt this awesome??????????????????

I love this expression here...

how about this???

"we should not kidnap because it makes the parents very worried.."

"Please dont hurt rhinos because it hurts them"

THis section was a pretty one...
crowd on the second floor....

Till then...


  1. Nice!!!Haha..I know the guy 'hand in his pocket'..He's my friend's friend.Keep writing DLM. :)

  2. in that case' Let ur fren's fren go through my blog and see his pic! ;)

  3. Nice One There! And you are already going gaga about this 'OMG cute guy' who happens to be my colleague. :P. Ceramic work of faces, have been captured really nice by you:) and I really am looking forward to attend another art-ibition this Tuesday!! much love!

  4. niceeeeee photos and that guy is really really
    cute hehe...

  5. I'd like to touch the art works also!:-) Can't wait to see your upcoming posts, esp on art. Following you now, would love for you to follow back on my GFC!<3



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