Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shoot!! a Photosho0t! :)

I know friends... I have been lil lazy but my laziness was not the only reason to blame for... I had College assignments to be done...for I had deadlines.. :S .. My Part time job..... personal stuffs.... So my boredom plus these activities grabbed my whole time and my poor BLOG... was simply left untouched and uncool....  but i have promised myself... that I won't let my blog seem so passive and I will be updating something new and interesting whatsoever!! So, Guys.. please take ur time out to peek into my Blog and support me!.... 
And yea, it was before few weeks that a dear friend  of mine... a friend who is talented.... Wait.. let me tell u a bit about her....
She is a student at a media college...actually She studies with me..and that is how we actually met and became frens... and yea... she worked as a reporter for a women Magazine.... played her role as an editor for a Fashion Magazine...  And right now, She works as a Marketing Manager at Pipalbot Gallery which is a lifestyle outlet... & & &/.. How can I miss this..she is a FAshion blogger!!!
Interesting right? this is TEnzing Choetso... A dear fren of mine!!!
She wanted me to take some pictures for her blog...  as in.. She wanted to write about a designer whose creations are being used on our model... as you can see in the pictures...
Since, I was her fren who was the only one learning photography :P ..She offered me the privilege to capture some shots... and me said "ALL RIGHT "... :)
so it comes down to our model, Dilasha is her name... beautiful as it sounds, the person herself is a beauty on her own...  She has this pretty eyes that of a fish! ;p <LoL> Dun take it sarcastically.. but yea.. her eyes are pretty enough to grab anyone's attention.... What else can I say ... THE PICTURE ITSELF SAYS IT ALL.....

So, dear... see see..see... and let me know If my photographs did justice to my blogger fren's theme, Designer's creation..and with the model's elegance..
                 Fingers crossed!!!

Model: Dilasha Shrestha
Photographs : me own! DLM Photography
Venue: Pipal outlet,Baber Mahal


  1. wow...dolkaa...u also know tenzin?? shez my fren too...hehe..and yea...ur photography is great..keep it up morto :)

  2. aahha...Thats U deepak phungu!!
    Tenzing is famous..so everyone knoes her.. :P
    thank u for d comment!! :))

  3. Dolkaa!!! like i said, i love your work! You really bond with the lenses!
    and thank you so much too! This was definitely team work :))
    Ps. keep me updated with your blog! Its funn!!

    -Dilasha <3

  4. Likes ...Grt work DOlka..thumbs up..

  5. When are you taking my pictures, now tell me?
    I liked the pictures, but there are always rooms to improve darling, I am saying this because as a good friend of yours, I only want you to overcome the minor setbacks and be a great photographer one day. Love you. Cant wait to see more from ur blog :)

  6. kyaktsar ur photoshoot photographs has realli came out cool...so when u goin to take ma pictures wid d tag [ © DLM PHOTOGRAPHY ] ?? hehe specially i liked d picture title of ur blog :: THE TOUCH OF WANDERER :: it realli suits morto<3


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