Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She is beautiful! :)

I didn't think I would come across such a cute sweetheart in Pashupatinath... And guess what?? I thought she was he.. :P  I know its confusing but I was more confused when I first saw her playing with a stick on her hand with a bunch of nasty kids <guys>... later, her gestures, the way she spoke.. her smiles... gave me this feel that this little cute creature doesnt seem like a guy... And yea.. when asked..She replied" Mero naam Diya" means " my name is Diya"...
she is a cutie...so I didn't miss to grab her under my lens! :)


  1. "Diya"....wow....any gal whose name starts with the letter "d" is beautiful...dats y shez so beautiful :)

  2. :P i knoe rite!!
    no wonder my name is DOlkar!

  3. dats y i say u "kheram zemma du" and one of its reason is ur Name's initial letter :)

  4. :P eh ho?
    u saying that cos ur name too starts from "D"


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