Monday, April 2, 2018

breaking promises (not)

Thinking of how I always promise to update my blog once a week and end up acing my procrastination level higher and higher. Well honestly, I won't blame it as a procrastination rather, not finding a reliable source for the photographs and you know, what's a blog without photographs?  
(thank you for agreeing) 

Anyhoo, this time I am hoping there will be frequent blogposts in days to come, by that means you will get to see my shabby outfit posts.  

The outfit in this post has been my easy snuck-away-and-run kind of. The comfort of over-size shirts and a mommy jeans is something, like real something. and ending it up with a pair of docmarten is ughhhhh!!! I feel the road is my runway and I am in my pure confidence.

Outfit details:

Vintage Shirt: Thrifted
Mommy Jeans: Abercrombie
Fanny: Thamel
Shoes: DocMarten 
Accessories: Casio

Photographs by Nyima Dorjee Bhotia

This is for today, 
Until then

Much love

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