Friday, June 13, 2014

Street style Stars: " The queen of sneakers"

There are Nepalese fashionistas all over the world not all of us are aware of. So therefore this episode of 'Street Style Stars' will be featuring a star that deserves to be appreciated for his/her sense of fashion.

Get to know Aastha more commonly known as bubble mouth, a Nepali citizen residing in NYC and see why NFB chose to start with her.

How would you define your personal style?Was it the same in your younger days? If different  what caused you to change?

I have no clue how to answer my personal style. All i wanna say is fashion is not always an unlimited budget, but a wildly creative imagination to express ourselves visually. Wear what makes you happy and leave the house confidently and ready to take on the world.
I was very tomboy when i was in my teenage. Time, age, situation and ofcourse my boyfriend changed me to be little girly.

Where do u get your inspiration from?

The internet has brought fashion to all of our fingertips without having to leave our desks. Watching runway shows of designer collections online each season can be inspirational in cultivating my own style. Fashion bloggers can also be a fantastic source for inspiration in guiding my fashion voice and instagram of course

Favorite fashion magazine/website?

How do you usually spend your day off?

Walking around soho which is a very famous street for designer shops. I go to williamsburg which is very famous for thrift stores and union sq to chill with my buddies.

What would your dream job be?

Not decided yet. i am a server and bartender at the moment. maybe a police officer in future coz my dad and grandpa used to be police officers of nepal.

 Your top 3 on the playlist?
i listen to romantic bollywood songs lol

Name your Top 3 favorite brands.

There are so many beautiful high brands like Chanel, gucci, fendi, prada, celine, LV etc but since i am very casual person, i would say opening ceremony, Supreme, american apparel and zara coz they are under my budget.

Favorite lipstick color?
Ruby woo from MAC coz its matte.

Would you ever lay your hands in the field of fashion for a living, what would it be?

Maybe in future, I can change my major into fashion but for now i don't think so

What’s on your wish list right now? (Maybe someone special will get you some of that ?)

Oh! I have a alot of sneakers on my head rie now especially RICK OWENS sneakers

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

fashion obsession in clothes: ripped jeans, cropped tees, skater skirts, mom jeans.
hairstyle: my bangs
shoes: cutout boots and sneakers ofcourse
color: black, white ,grey and burgundy too

We know you’re the ‘Queen of Sneakers’, under what situation would u consider wearing heels? 

only if i have to wear saree or chupa (traditional tibetan dress)

How many pairs of shoe do you own? 
i seriously dont know.. more than 90 for sure..

Which one is your absolute favorite and why?

I just cant say which one is my favourite coz i actually love all of them. i made an effort to buy them so yeah..

What is your to-go outfit? Like when you’re in a hurry n don’t have enough time to think about what to wear?
to-go outfit.. white tee, blue denim and chucks.. must have in your closet..

Bubble Mouth with her MCM 
Most expensive thing in your closet? 
My MCM bag and ISABEL MARANT shoe

People in NYC are very generous with compliments. How often are you showered with them & what was the best line you’ve gotten so far?  (C’mon BRAG!)

OH damn, you look like RIHANNA lol

Name 3 Fashionista’s style you dig?

fashionistas i dig, RIHANNA and my own sister pratha coz they dont dress up too girly

How many tattoos do you have? Which one is you fav n why? 

i have six tattoos.. four of them are scripts, one is anchor and the last one is a picture of a lion. i love all of them coz its on my body but my favourite one is... coz its my man's name and the other one is.. coz its my grandpa's and my father's date of birth..

Is there any special message you wanna send out today through NFB ?

You dont need to follow every new trend to be fashionable. Find the ones that work with your style and for your personality.      

 Be consistent in your style choices but always be modern.

your hairstyle is just as much a part of your signature style as are your clothes. learn to work with it rather than against it.            
dont be afraid to experiment.                  

Dress for your body shape. If you find something that works great on your body shape and makes you feel confident, stock up on that item and allow it to be your go-to piece when in a hurry.         

So That was our " Queen of Sneakers". Hope ya'll were inspired by her style. Watch out ladies,we're keeping our eyes wide open & spying on street stylers ! Ciao X

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