Monday, July 2, 2012

Friggin Fringe top

Sharing this wonderful story of the top I am wearing. Its actually my brother's top, a plain top. And you know what I did to it?? I let the tailor dai scissor the collar part, giving it a wider space and you see the fringe part, this is funny. When me and my sister instructed him, he was like "why are you making fun of me, who would cut their shirt like that"???? and when he found out that we were really serious, he had no other choice but to cut it off as we said. and you know what? I am loving the outcome here.. Thinking to steal more of my brother's shirt from his closet and end up getting fringes :-D

I know, please don't complain on how voluminous I am. I am trying to diet from now on. such a shame.. :-D

Dorjee from UndefinedNomad

The hearty dinner at 0r2k! Thank you pujan for the wonderful time.
And once again, a very happy 19th birthday pujan hero! (: Enjoy your last teeny time!

and it was friday that day, me and my homies gathered for Pujan's birthday. It's always wonderful to get back with your friends and have this awesome time together, isn't??
Happy birthday Pujan, I wish you all the best for your future! (:

Till then
Much love


  1. your t.shirt looks great and the pictures are amazing
    I've done the same thing with my old t.shirt cant wait to wear it :)
    and do blog often
    its great to read your blog.

  2. Lovely outfit :)

  3. love the idea of the shirt. looks good on you :) and you are beautiful no matter what- voluminous or not! :D

    and it's good to see TenDorjee after so long!

  4. awesome shirt!

  5. amamama ka bata aucha hau tyesto ideas haru pani... born fashionista nai raichau timi ta maiya... loved it :) and plz la its not a shame to be voluminous... ur beautiful just the way you are :)

  6. you look great!
    nice blog - I'm glad to have found a blog from Nepal :D

  7. and who can look cute and sexy at the same time? --> Dungaaaaaaa!! :D
    I louuuve your first picture, that power glass looks so good on ya :)


  8. Love what you did to the shirt! :)

  9. love what u did with the shirt! i love the song here, heard it once but don't remember the artist :/

  10. i did the same to one of my shirts once. this looks great on you!

  11. awesome photos! And great work ;)

  12. I love your fringe top.ani photography ni dammi...I always start missing Nepal whenever I go through your blog.:-)

  13. di.. u r atti cute....
    love the fringed top!!!
    i've done tht too... fun ey?
    love u di.... :)


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