Sunday, June 24, 2012

A vintage world!

can't wait to see what HKV have instored for me! :-D

Cheers to us. Cheers to acha kelsang. Cheers to HKV!

The pretty wall!

Our one and only, his holiness the XIVth Dalai lama

Black is always in.
This Aldo pair was to die for but too sad, it was just too small for my small feet! :(

and this sequinned top here, iLiterally jumped with joy when iSaw this piece but sadly, the piece was only for the showcase! :(

A small time for snacks

From leather to animals prints to color-blocking, you've got it all!

Kelsang, the owner of the store herself, wears this pretty lace top! (:

DIY denim shorts. maybe you could see the studded part too?:P

House of Kathmandu Vintage!

TGIF! I could term my whole week to "Pressure"
Yup' my college assignment, the advertising presentation almost damaged the cerebellum graveled in my brainpan.
Its saturday and I could have a bliss thinking about the late saturday morning sleep :-D

BTW, went to House of Ktm vintage's opening today. I could tell you, iLoved the whole part of that store, from the dresses to the shoes to the interior and to the owner herself.
Read more about the store here HouseofKtmVintage or HouseofKtmVintage, if noticed properly, you'll see my name in there too :-D

ok then.
this is for now,

Till then
Much love


  1. Yes, it is available
    But I am afraid that the shipment would be very expensive.

  2. Looks like an awesome store ! I'd love to have a shop like that somewhere near me.. Beautiful items. :)

    //PS I love the huge ring you're wearing.

    Kisses !

  3. IM LOVING THIS POST! I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW (at your own will). Meantime, I am going to browse through the rest of your site. Hope to hear from you soon, and follow. Thanks and God bless!

  4. Very nice photo ;) i like your blog ;*

  5. sadly i have not been there :(
    such preety things...

  6. Hey! you're cute! your blog is great.
    I follow you now, I hope you also follow me!

  7. I really like the butterfly top. Just great. Its sooo much fun shopping in KTM. Love


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