Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gigantic stripes!

Just feels so right. Finally I am with a post and I bet my blog is feeling great too. I missed you so much.
At this moment, I have been thinking to write something that actually makes sense, if not to you then to me at least but I see no way here.
How have you all been doing btw? working really hard? hanging out much? studying? or nothing??
ask me, and I have no idea. I have been thinking to join a guitar class. Its weird sharing this, but I have always wanted to be a musician, you know' like a singer :P blehhh.. I don't sound good but I love singing lol and probably, in coming days, I might be able to upload some videos of me singing for you all .. :-D
Hei'  It rained today. There was a terrible wind too. And I had an ice-cream *strawberry flavor* along with the rain. It was beautiful ^_______^ you should try it .. The rain and ice-cream combo! you'll love it!

well, this ones for now.
Will be back soon..

Till then
Much love


  1. Lovely post and you look amazing :)
    can't wait for your videos,go for it girl!

  2. i also had an icecream today along with the terrible wind.. mint flavour :p

    lovely dress... i love the last pic... sulto garera rakhnu parne k.. hehe.. :)

  3. aich! ;) di,
    you look absolutely beautiful .... love those "gigantic stripes" and the loafers too <3 u :)

  4. love these photos! amazing dress!

  5. amaazing pictures! love the dress:)

  6. Cute!!! You and your blog!!!

  7. You make me miss Nepal. I haven't been blogging for a while but i always come back to check what is happening on your blog cos it is so beautiful.

  8. ah, ice cream. i need it too :D nice dress, btw :)

  9. Great dress!

    Peace & Delight,
    Bel Kazan

  10. Hey you, I am missing the ktm summer seeing you.
    Love whole outfit as always.
    Guitar classes sounds good, I am sure you will have fun, I took them few years back.
    Anyways enjoy the summer and the rain.

  11. Hey there, you are making me miss ktm summer so much.
    No doubt I am loving the dress.
    Hope you enjoy the summer and the rain.

  12. omg love to see ur video.. u luke cUte with the dress..

  13. your hair is so beaut! loving the bike at the background aswell x

  14. simply LOVE what you're wearing! you should totally take up guitar classes, looking forward to the uploads :D

  15. Such lovely picturessss!! Last one's too adorable. :)


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