Monday, April 16, 2012

Made in nepal!

Finally I am home and it just feels so great.
I had a helluva awesome time at manang. Even the word *awesome* would be an understatement but that didn't stop me from missing Kathmandu and my blog and all of you!!

Since I am back in blog, do keep in touch. I will be updating more of this and that..

Here, I am totally wearing *Made in Nepal* outfit.
The Shirt, the pant I got from Thamel, the kolhapuri chappal from basantpur *freakstreet* and the OM shawl! (:

Maria from theSweetEscape  is having a giveaway . You should not missed it. I have tried my luck in many other giveaways and I always fail but i am trying my hand this time.. Just hope I turn out to be a lucky one! (:


Till then...
Much love


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  2. i knew you would do something with this photograph,
    well nothing bad will happen if you care to thank the photographer, i mean the very spontaneous photographer :P.
    "happily hopping hippy" this should be ur post title, :)

  3. aw you look so happy there! :D I wish I could visit your place, it will be so great!

  4. you look amazing,happy and comfortable :)
    i sure missed you posts <3

  5. you look great di
    do post often :)

  6. Looking Good!! and love ur hair
    I love the background music. How do you add that? I want to add it in my blog too.

    Take Care,

  7. Dear friend,
    thank you for sending me an answer so kind. I will send you a message when I receive your letter.

    Best wishes from Spain

    Yours faithfully
    Emilio Fernandez

  8. Good post. I love you picture.
    Stay happy!
    Lots of Love, xoxo

  9. Cool. I like everything about this blog! I follow you,If you like my blog please follow :)

  10. Wow, great photo!!! Sooo happy =) Do you want to follow each other??


  11. the weather looks so nice :)

  12. Hi dear, this is my first time reading your blog and i'm so ecstatic to see your posts and photos!! i had my crush on nepal and it's culture since long ago since i always see this beauty so many times in discovery channel (yeah, i'm that kind of freak)
    especially when i saw this photo that you wearing this pants, it recalls my memory back when i went to bugis street in singapore, there was a shop sells clothes, pants and handmade things from Nepal and all of them are gorgeous!
    Nice to know your blog dear :)


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