Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mesmerizing Marcia Accessories

Amidst the stressful work-loaded week, the dazzling Marcia Accessories Happened. Few of us bloggers were invited for Zuleika by Gahana Griha X MARCIA ADHIKARI Accessories 2016 and the event could not go wrong when you have beautiful jewelleries on array, blogger besties, amazing host surrounding you.

I must say the collection was outstanding. I really like Marcia's idea of incorporating contemporary and tradition and present handcrafted collections featuring the local artisans behind the frame. 


As a blogger and an avid accessory lover, Marcia's design are arty yet edgy more on the bespoke side. I believe designs should be such when worn, people can actually flaunt them and this is what Marcia's accessories are about. So understated and perfect. 
I'd recommend you guys reading this to go ahead and check her collections.

I am wearing:

Knitted Sweater - Forever21
Insider Dress - H & M
Shoes - DrMarten
Bagpack - Aldo

Much love
Dongaa <3 

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  1. These pieces are gorgeous! Love your outfit too xx


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