Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chopping off board


Oversize Thrifted Denim/ H&M Maxi/ F21 Brim Hat / Wildflower Tote from EMERGE/ Drmarten baby forever

I started my new year with a fancy breakfast by the corridor,  white balloons by my side, wore a lush-looking shoe sized 4 times bigger my feet. 
My converse pair was still neat in spite of the struggle it had to go through the whole night and I wonder, still wonder how is it even possible?
 I also ordered for a fresh orange juice, which when arrived, I only had a sip and passed it to my friend for help. How much I try to be a  Juice-Person, I fail, like every time and this was one of those trials, my effort went in vain.
It is new year already my dear folks and here I am, thinking of the new friends I made during the last month of   2 0 1 5  December.
Such an irony to be filled with so much hatred and you attempt to shower love. How can you even?

A pause to the feel.

Laters then?

Much love


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