Friday, September 18, 2015

Thailand Diaries

Landed, Just landed.
Clouds fancy me!
Hi, I am travelling kinda selfie!
Hunting for my pair of all time on top list Dr.Marten Babe!
Siam Paragon is a Paradise!
I miss Jaywalk!
Hi Floating Market. We floated. bahah
Did not fancy the temple visits. quit.
Made an amazing friend while our stay. Meet TAM!

The beautiful sand of Pattaya!

*Phone beeps*
Hey Dongaala, Tickets in my hand. We are leaving for Thailand tomorrow. I hope you like the surprise.


HELL YES! Oh wait. Hell NOOOO!
“I haven’t taken leave from work and on top of that, I had shit amount of works to be submitted and, and I am not ready mentally, The Professional Dongaa murmurs”

But then, things had to happen how it was suppose to. But I must say, I loved the randomness. I love it when things are not planned and the result are amazing, you know what I mean??? 

Anyways, a week passed in a wink. I could not even sum up the pictures to show you how my trip was. Thank god I did manage to find some pictures and post it up for you guys to see.

Much love

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