Sunday, March 29, 2015

That one evening

It has been quite long that I haven't had my cup of "Mama ko chiya" at Basantpur Durbar Square. Mama means uncle in Nepali, Chiya for tea and I still do not know who named it or is it really called that? Or is it just me who calls the place "mama ko chiya".. 

 So today, I chose to relish my cup of mama's chiya. and with that, a stroll around the place, new face with each pace, I like it here. I always like it here.

After Basantpur, rushed to Thamel for I had list of books to fetch at the Pilgrims store.and Well' they didn't have the books I wanted and I ended up getting not-in-my-list book.
and maybe this is why they say' things don't go as planned. yup! 

Till then
Much love

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