Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flowers aren't meant for me!

A little skin exposed because Hey' Kathmandu is turning real sunny lately!! I already miss the cold-wind-Gloomy-days!!

Shirt Dress - Ginger | Canvas - Goldstar | Bag - Burberry 
Anyhoo, about this outfit, I am wearing a simple shirt dress that I got from Ginger Store in Nagpokhari, one of the place where I get few of my stuffs from. Layered with is my favorite mustard-colored-mommy sweater, my goldstar kicks I purchased for just Nrs 375 /- which is like $ 4. Good fetch eh? 
And adding the oomph to the whole outfit is the mustard-BURBERRY-baby. Isn't she pretty?

And the lady behind the photographs, my sister!! 

Till then
Much love

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  1. Colour combo is on point girl! Look forward to walking on them Nep-streets with you lot soon. :')



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