Friday, February 27, 2015

Them Damn Duo

This happened almost a week ago when we, bracket I and Goku from He is Goku  dashed for a mini Photoshoot for Navyaata Magazine, a local Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine in Nepal. and These pictures are sweetly taken knowingly and unknowingly by my sister SilenceRiver Yo' Thankyou!!

Goku and I have been planning to do a blog collaboration since decades *exaggeration alarm* not decades ofcourse, we have this thing since while back but never really been able to do it. The fact that both of us work for different organization that too full time, and that my weekends are always occupied with I-have-no-idea-what. And when both of our times do match, we fail to find a good photographer.
And this day was a quick catch up and a little sneakshot by my ever-grateful-to-sister without whom the Dongaala-Goku-Duo-Post would have been still a mystery.

I am wearing

Sweater - Zara
Accessories- Masala Beads
Shoes- Converse
Grey top - Ginger
Fringe Purse - Shoe4Less

On Him 

Polka-Dot Shirt - H&M
Oxford Shoes - Topman
Trench - Lezido wears

The collage pictures by Rhea from Peppy Owl
Thankyou for having us lovely.

 Till then
Much love


  1. Goku looks amazing as ever and the duo looks really cool.

  2. The paparazzi shots, us and the damn duo collab!:)

  3. You guys! Bless you both. Enjoyed reading this post. Look forward to your Navyaata Photoshoot post! :D x


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