Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back to January

Hei January' It’s amusing that I am thinking about you at this time. At this time, when it’s already February, the month of love.
I find it really funny that I didn't take you seriously January.

January' you were full of ups and down. It couldn't have been more twisting. Started off the New Year with a fine dine with the dirty dancing, 2am walk around the city with the petite lace dress, Transylvanian lip color and what not. The month was a bundle of sneaky moments, reaching souls as dark as yours, lots of laughter, late night texting, pinch of sadness, beautiful birthday, a long thread of nothing-to-do weekends, unreturned emails, heavy *sighs’ , denials, terrible eating-disorder, and yes' January was so instant ; I swear I felt like it lasted for like a minute or two at most.

||Thrifted oversize Denim ||
||Marc Jacob Sunnies ||
||Tory Burch Bag ||

Photo by : Lhaamo Tara

Wearing this oversize denim in the most casual way and letting you know that you will witness the rise and shine of this piece more in the upcoming posts. 

Much love


  1. love your sunnies! xx

  2. Hi Dongaala, I appreciate your dropping by on my blog. Thanks for the visit! Nice denim shirt. I have one from my trip to Nepal. It is such a comfort to have one in the closet, I reckon.

  3. You look amazing, love your hair!

  4. Cool casual look, love the bag!


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