Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iFinally won!

Hei lovely people'
How are ya'll?? Hope everyone's doing great.. and see' I  am not going to ask you anything more than this because this is going to be one very random post but ofcos' with happiness filled... because iJust won this quiz contest by Ponytail and iAm just too glad!!
you know what?? iAlways entered this Blog Giveaways but iNever win/ won whatever it is.. anything.... and that's so sad..
and there even came a point when iFelt like iWas too unlucky in such iStopped entering Giveaways and contest.
But this time, something different and lovely happened :D
iTried my luck in this contest by Ponytail and the next time, iAm overwhelmed when iHeard iWon it!
Teehee T.T

This is the very first something iWon and all thanks to ponytail for this!!
and guys' you all should check her blog, a lovely one : )

Neckpiece from Masala Beads, kathmandu.

Till then..
Mucho love
P.S - iWill be entering more contest and giveaways now ! lol


  1. Congrats hun!Love the's pretty!

  2. congrats! I haven't won anything so far.. you're so lucky! happy for you..

    Cheers, Helen.


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