Sunday, February 12, 2012

An empty closet!

iWear something and iComplain, " iDon't have a nice pair of shoe to go with the outfit " and my friend Sumati    always shrieks me back saying "what about all those stuffed in your shoe-rack??
This is what she thinks but iStill think iNeed more....
See' before heading for a hangout, a party, an event or even just to meet up with an old friend after a long gap, how many of you spend hours infront of your closet, staring at all those piled up jeans, the coats/blazers that's been hanging, that pretty black dress lying exquisitely in a corner and YET you feel your WARDROBE still lacks that oomph?????

I DO... big time!!
As for now, iNeed a nice pair of Jeans, a black Sexxay Sequinned dress, lots of pretty colored cardigans, a divine black wedge *not the ones iSee in the shops of kathmandu* :-p , Janis Joplin shades, and the EPIC one in my wishlist is  "DR.MARTEN shoes"
Without those, iWould still be staring at my closet thinking for hours what to wear and feel pathetic for not having what iWant!! *Sigh*

Hence' iHope, you *GOD* listen to me... and shower me with a credit card that's got no limit and then iCould buy whatever iWant :-D and also buy pretty stuffs for my homies,  make them happy and be myself HAPPY!! see' iAin't that bad either... : )

Noone's happy with what they have!!

This Orange footwear cost me RS 55/- which is less than US $1. isn't that amazing????  and iThink Fashion and style doesn't always need to be expensively branded.. what ya think?? 

iSmile-A-Bit! :)

Till then
Lots of love..


  1. Your style is absolutely amaaazing!!! - I love it, and I loved this post. ^_^

  2. Nice concept sista!!U go girl.....another nepalese sister from another mister!! ;p

  3. That happens to EVERY body, I'm guessing! And I love the post. x

  4. seriously, Dolkaa where uFind that shoes only for rs 55/-......uGot to inbox me hola....where iCan get always, simply FANTABULOUS......simply luv the way you put everything.....iLove everything you do.....

  5. Appens wid meh all da tyme!! We share a common interest i.e. Unlimited credit on da card lol...... Lub da photography n da theme is absolutely brilliant. N yeah da shoes is lyk a cherry on top!

  6. Append wid meh all da tyme. We actually share a common interest i.e. Unlimited credit on da card lol!! By da way the photography is awesome n the theme is jus brilliant! N yeah da shoes is lyk cherry on top!... Kep up da gud wrk! Thumbs up!

  7. thats the story with every girl i guess. but def agree with fashion not having to be expensive/

  8. sumatimah.wordpress.comFebruary 12, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    much love donga <3 u look superb ;) and yes I've seen lotsa stuffs out there in(and outside) your closet!!

  9. I feel that way too.. & dolka we get everything here like seriously just imagine and you get it !! But where to get them $$$s from? :( anyways. You look amazing as always!

  10. well for the Dr marten's shoes,
    there is only one way~ lol

  11. lovely outfit you look awesome :)
    and about those Dr.Marten I'm also in need of one but out here we don't get them in good colors :( all orange green blah blah I want a black one ^_^

  12. i love how you took these beautiful pictures in the middle of garbage and mess! what a beautiful idea!

  13. Amazing photos! Love your outfit! :)

  14. I so agree with you, about not finding the right stuffs at the right time here in ktm also about style not about just the brands. And as always amazing and creative photos n style. Kudos.


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