Thursday, January 26, 2012

She'll droll me!

Normally I don't feature guest post in my blog but however, having a friend who's so talented and inspiring leaves me with no choice but to do a guest post for the very first time in the history of "A SILENT WANDERER's" blog.
My friend here,Yeshi Dolma Lama very famous as "Yeshi Don" or "YeshiGaga" is an artist on her own. She plays with her makeup kit and  transform herself into different avatars and that too an authentic, amusing, whatever you call it for epic.

Its no surprise for someone like her who is in her early twenties to     employ with the makeup gears and look pretty. But this passion of learning how to apply mascara, draw the eyeliner, lipstick wasn't just her teenage curiosity but it was actually built within her ever since she was 8 years old .

She was my best friend and she still is though we don't live nearby like we used  to back then. As kids, never did we know what we were going to be in the future but as for her, it was obvious that she had this creativity in her, a sheer-born talent. Whenever her mom was away from home, she used to  instantly take out her mom's makeup kit and play around. She always told me, "I want to look as pretty as my mom" and this thing still rings in my head even today as I go through her youtube every now and then whenever I am in need of some serious makeup tutorial and when I miss her (:
Born in Nepal, Yeshi currently resides in Germany and she enjoys living life to her fullest. And she dreams to reach the sky one day!!

Betty and Jasmine of Aladdin! 
Left- MaryKateOlsen in Beastly Right- LadyGaga's Biggest Fan! and she is born this way! :)

Butterfly-do.. isn't she pretty?
The first glance of this picture and I was like "Is this her??" With a help of just a concealer and a brown eye palette, she does the magic ..again!

Smokey eyes tutorial...

she comes up with hilarious parodies! :D you should seriously check this one out!

And a great Dancer, Yeshi is a total talent packed!

There are just too many pictures to scroll but I think you readers should do the honor of visiting her page DO IT DO IT and don't forget to subscribe her YeshiGaga in youtube..

Straight from her heart: "I believe as a woman and I know every woman desires to look pretty and feel beautiful because I do too. I just want to tell them that, with right technique one can look pretty. Hence, I began to learn the new art of makeup and start with my makeup tutorials in hope of sharing the same desires as other girls do."

For my followers : "I am very thankful and I feel honored to be recognized as YeshiGaga or YeshiDon and to have so many admirers without whom, it wouldn't have been possible. You all ignite me and my passion to do more and more. I thank you all and I love you so much."

Till then...Lots of love


  1. when i saw this blog on my dashboard i thought it was yeshi and as i read ur blog, it was indeed her. i watched her comedy video few days ago. she is a great actor. i thought she was nepali from korea as her youtube states so.

  2. She's amazing!!! ;p

  3. great!! yes, she is some talent!
    Nice post wanderer

  4. OMG that Betty Bop make up it's insane!!
    IT looks just like her ;)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. wow. thank you for sharing this. It always feels great to see talents from nepal.


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